College of Science, Technology and Mathematics

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Each department offers major and minor academic programs in various specializations, and most offer certificates as well. Additionally, the Biology and Geosciences departments offer MS graduate degrees with thesis and non-thesis options. Our academic programs are innovative and our facilities are state of the art. College of Science, Technology and Mathematics teachers embrace a one-on-one teaching and mentoring philosophy and provide robust research opportunities for our students.

Our faculty not only love to teach, but they are also diverse, nationally- and internationally-known researchers. Housed in a single, unified college, these professors and the departments they represent explore endless interdisciplinary possibilities.

Meet the Dean

Dr. Greg Farley
“The College of Science, Technology and Mathematics combines complementary academic programs to meet the ever-growing national need for science graduates. As a college, we have a shared mission of contemporary science education, novel educational opportunities, applied research and technical training, and community outreach. The combination of traditional and applied academic areas in a single administrative unit allows students to directly experience the connections across science disciplines. This kind of cross-pollination* will create a deeper understanding as they gain foundational knowledge and technical skills."