About the Master of Science
About the Master of Science degree

The Master of Science degree is granted in the following subject areas:  Biology; Communication; Counseling; Education; Education Administration; Geosciences; Health and Human Performance; Instructional Technology; Psychology; Special Education; and Speech-Language Pathology.

In many of these subject areas, a thesis is required. The thesis is optional in other areas, and some areas require no thesis.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required in Geosciences and Psychology. Either the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or the GRE is required in Counseling; Education Administration; Health and Human Performance; and Speech-Language Pathology.

Communication (General)
Communication (Organizational)
Counseling (Community)
Counseling (School)
Education Administration
Instructional Technology
Geosciences (GIS Applications for Business)
Geosciences (Geography)
Geosciences (Geology)
Geosciences (Petroleum Entrepreneurship)
Geosciences (Remote Sensing Technologist)
Geosciences (Small Museum Entrepreneurship)
Health and Human Performance
Psychology (Experimental General)
Psychology (Clinical)
Psychology (School)
Special Education (Adaptive)
Special Education (Gifted)
Speech-Language Pathology