University Catalog

Information/Policy/Procedure - Attendance, Absence Notices and Records, Absences of Students

The student is responsible for attending all classes on time, beginning with the first day of classes. If the student’s participation in organized university activities should require missing a class or classes, it is the student’s responsibility to notify instructors in advance and arrange to make up missed work. If the student misses classes due to illness, the student should seek treatment at the Student Health Center in order to facilitate early return to class. If the student is hospitalized, ill at their parental home, or has extenuating circumstances, the student should report this to the Student Health Center. A death in the immediate family should be reported to the Office of Student Affairs. However, it is the student’s responsibility to see instructors and arrange to make up all missed work.

In advance of any off-campus, officially-approved group activity (athletics, music, conferences, etc.), the group’s sponsor must place on file a list of participating students in the office of each dean (Arts and Sciences, Business and Entrepreneurship, Education and Technology, and Health and Life Sciences). Lists should be alphabetized for easy reference. In special individual cases or situations, certain offices (Student Health, Registrar, Student Affairs, etc.) may inform instructors of extenuating circumstances, but these are not excuses. The student is still held responsible for the work missed during the absence. Whenever a student is absent from a class more than three times and the instructor does not know the cause, the student’s name should be reported to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The vice president will then try to ascertain the reason for absence. In addition, the faculty member has an obligation to impress upon students the importance of regular class attendance.

Faculty members who make regular class attendance checks may inform the dean of the appropriate college of students’ excessive absences. In such instances, students will be informed to either initiate an official withdrawal within the time frame for official withdrawal or make arrangements with the instructor to complete the course. If the student fails either to withdraw officially or to complete the course, the student will be assigned the grade of U at the end of the semester.