University Catalog

Term/Definition - Grading and Point System

An evaluation of a student’s work is given in terms listed below. Final grades for a course will be recorded in letter grades.

  •  Superior Achievement: 4 grade points per credit
  • B   Good Achievement: 3 grade points per credit
  • C   Average Achievement: 2 grade points per credit
  • D   Minimum Passing Achievement: 1 grade point per credit
  • U   Unsatisfactory Achievement: 0 grade points per credit
  • AUD   Audit
  •  Incomplete

Undergraduate Students: work of otherwise passing quality; incomplete  for adequate reasons, usually beyond the student’s control.  The maximum length of time for fulfillment of requirements to remove an incomplete grade shall be one year.  If work is not completed within this time, the incomplete will revert to a grade of “NC.”

Graduate Students: incomplete work for regularly scheduled graduate classes and workshops that are normally completed during the regular semester or summer term must be completed within a year after the grade of “I” is given.  If the graduate work is not completed within the one year time limit, the “I” will remain on the transcript; graduate credit can be given only when the graduate student re-enrolls in the graduate course and satisfactorily completes the required work.

  • P    Pass
  • CR  Credit
  • W   Withdrawal  (from a course up to six weeks before the end of the semester or three weeks before end of summer term)
  • WC   Cancellation (non-payment of fees)
  • NC   No Credit (not used in calculating GPA)