Graduate Credit
Course Code: POLS856 
Title: Advanced Research Methods In Political Science 
Description: This course guides students through advanced scientific method as it relates to providing insight and answers to political questions. Students will learn research design methods and they will apply those methods to collect new and use existing data, conduct statistical analyses, and provide substantive answers to questions related to politics. 
Course Code: POLS863 
Title: Political Electioneering Organizations 
Description: This course investigates the groups that participate in the modern elections process. Campaigns must interact with interest groups, political parties, and other outside organizations. The role and impact of such groups will be exlored as well as the campaign laws that define the relationships between organizations and campaigns. 
Course Code: POLS873 
Credits: 1|2|3|4 
Title: Problems in Political Science 
Description: Directed research and methodological issues associated with the M.L.S. Degree.