Undergraduate/Graduate Credit
Course Code: POLS609 
Credits: 1|2|3|4 
Title: Field Work in Government 
Description: An advanced, special program of study developed for the individual student emphasizing field participation or simulation in politics and government. 
Course Code: POLS610 
Title: Public Policy/Law/Ethics in Information Networking 
Description: The study of the regulation of computer networks, the telecommunications industries, and media distributors. Included is a consideration of the following: how regulation affects these industries and how developments in these industries affect public policy and society; how public policy is designated; and the moral and ethical obligations of these industries. 
Course Code: POLS611 
Title: Policy Analysis 
Description: A study of the governmental policy-making process, its formulation, implementation, and evaluation. 
Course Code: POLS612 
Title: The Administrative Process 
Description: An examination of the legal and political implementation procedures in administrative agencies. 
Course Code: POLS616 
Title: Public Personnel Management 
Description: Issues associated with the management of personnel in public agencies, emphasizing the merit system, public employee organizations, and collective bargaining. 
Course Code: POLS618 
Title: Public Budgeting 
Description: This course examines public budgeting and finance from economic, political, cutlural and institutional perspectives. It presents an overview of the processes and problems associated with public budgeting and policy. The course is organized around the concepts basic to public sector financial management, such as revenue exaction and reliability, the budget as program and process, intergovernmental fiscal relations, financial and managerial controls, budget implementation, and capital planning and public borrowing. 
Course Code: POLS620 
Title: Constitutional Law 
Description: The constitutional possibilities and limitations on economic, political, and social legislation as determined by U.S. Supreme Court decisions. 
Course Code: POLS621 
Title: American Civil Liberties 
Description: Civil rights in the American constitutional context, emphasizing freedom of religion, expression, association, rights of the accused, equal protection of the law, and due process of law. 
Course Code: POLS630 
Title: International Organization in World Politics 
Description: The role and influence of international organizations as a process for institutionalizing and regulating conflict among states and transnational actors. 
Course Code: POLS631 
Title: American Foreign Policy 
Description: A study of the domestic and international systemic factors that condition american foreign policy with emphasis on the contemporary era. 
Course Code: POLS632 
Title: Problems and Issues in World Politics 
Description: Designed for advanced students who desire a more detailed study of the traditional problems of world politics. 
Course Code: POLS639 
Credits: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9 
Title: Internship in International Relations 
Description: Designed for upper-level and graduate students with career goals in the international field who desire short-term practical learning experiences with companies/Organizations/Agencies affected by world politics. 
Course Code: POLS640 
Title: Comparative Politics 
Description: Theoretical and methodological aspects of comparative politics with emphasis on a particular geographic area. 
Course Code: POLS650 
Title: History of Political Theory 
Description: The writings and significance of great, representative political philosophers from Plato to John Stuart Mill with emphasis on the major classics in Western political thought. 
Course Code: POLS651 
Title: Recent Political Theories 
Description: Modern ideologies and political philosophies with emphasis on the political thought of the past 150 years. 
Course Code: POLS653 
Title: American Political Thought 
Description: Major trends in political thought in the U.S. from pre-Revolutionary times to the present with emphasis on the liberal and conservative traditions. 
Course Code: POLS660 
Title: Political Campaign Management 
Description: This course investigates the process of conducting modern American political campaigns. Campaigns require knowledge, including research and planning, that this course provides. Students will learn skills in campaign planning, political strategy, campaign organization, fundraising and campaign finance law compliance, voter outreach, and voter mobilization. 
Requisite #1 Type: Pre-Requisite 
Requisite #1: POLS101 
Requisite #2 Type: Pre-Requisite 
Course Code: POLS664 
Title: Political Behavior 
Description: This class will investigate the development of political science research into voting and other forms of political participation in American politics. Students will learn the two predominant forms of research into voting behavior: survey research and economic models and the differing perspectives on voting turnout, partisanship, and individual vote decisions that they predict. 
Course Code: POLS665 
Title: Interest Groups and Lobbying 
Description: Students will understand the development and role of American interest groups in a democratic system. Students will also learn the process of lobbying for political influence and the implication of exerting group pressures on politics. 
Requisite #1 Type: Pre-Requisite 
Requisite #1: POLS101 
Requisite #2 Type: Pre-Requisite 
Course Code: POLS670 
Credits: 1|2|3 
Title: Workshop in Political Science 
Description: A short-term, intensive study of a topic, problem or concept in government, politics, bureaucracy, law, or teaching. 
Course Code: POLS672 
Credits: 1|2|3 
Title: Readings in Political Science 
Description: Directed readings under the supervision of a professor. PERM: permission required. 
Course Code: POLS675 
Credits: 0|1|2|3 
Title: Seminar in Political Science 
Description: Topics designed for upper-division majors who are required to take a minimum of two seminars. (See class schedule for specific titles). 
Course Code: POLS676 
Credits: 1|2|3 
Title: Apprenticeship in Political Science 
Description: Directed and supervised experiences in professional problems in political science. 
Course Code: POLS689 
Credits: 1|2|3|4|5|6 
Title: Internship in Political Science 
Description: Students who enroll in this class will engage in practical field work in politics such as, but not limited to, working for a political campaign, interning at a law firm, staffing a legislative office, or working in some capacity for a government agency or international organization.