Undergraduate Credit
Course Code: POLS000 
Credits: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17|18|19 
Title: National Student Exchange 
Course Code: POLS100 
Title: Orientation to Political Science 
Description: An introduction to the discipline of Political Science within the framework of a liberal arts education. 
Course Code: POLS101 
Title: American Government 
Description: An introduction to the constitutional, political, and governmental processes of the national political system. 
Course Code: POLS103 
Title: State and Local Government 
Description: An introduction to state and local governments, including their structures, functions, decision-making and political processes. 
Course Code: POLS105 
Title: Current Political Issues 
Description: An introduction to contemporary political issues and to the skills, techniques, and tactics that enhance the effectiveness of citizen participation in American politics. 
Course Code: POLS108 
Credits: 1|2|3|4 
Title: Field Work in Politics 
Description: A special program of study developed for the individual student emphasizing field participation or simulation in politics. 
Course Code: POLS220 
Title: Introduction to the Legal Profession 
Description: The purpose of this course is to familiarize the potential law student or paralegal with: 1) the process of admission into legal education programs, 2) the typical education model, 3) the legal job market, and 4) the roles of legal assistants, lawyers and judges in American society. 
Requisite #1 Type: Permission Required 
Requisite #1: PERM 
Course Code: POLS230 
Title: Introduction to International Relations 
Description: Investigation of the fundamental problems, principles, and characteristics of the modern nation-state system, emphasizing the mechanisms for making choices and managing power. 
Course Code: POLS240 
Title: Comparative Governments of Industrialized Societies 
Description: An introduction to the study of comparative governments emphasizing the political processes and governmental institutions of industrialized societies such as Great Britain, France, Germany, and Japan. 
Course Code: POLS280 
Title: Introduction to Public Policy 
Description: An introduction to Public Policy with an emphasis on developing tools and insights for understanding the forces that shape public policy and for evaluating the policies themselves. 
Course Code: POLS310 
Title: Introduction to Public Administration 
Description: A general survey of the political and managerial factors which affect the administration and management of the public's business. 
Course Code: POLS320 
Title: Introduction to the Law 
Description: A survey of the American legal system emphasizing what lawyers and judges do as professionals, how the law is structured, with the objective of making the legal system intelligible to a consumer of legal services. 
Course Code: POLS361 
Title: American Political Parties 
Description: This class will investigate the history and development of American political parties. Students will learn about why parties form, how they are organized, and the roles parties play. Changes in party identification and their relation to voting are central to the class. Students will also explore how parties act as electioneering organizations and governing bodies at both the national and state levels. 
Course Code: POLS380 
Credits: 1|2|3 
Title: Topics in Political Science 
Description: A topical approach and analysis of selected historical movements, concepts, or current problems in political science. (See class schedule for specific titles). 
Course Code: POLS400 
Title: Urban Political Economy 
Description: An introduction to urban government and politics in the United States. Large urban areas and their condition provide most of the data to be considered. 
Course Code: POLS401 
Title: The Congress 
Description: An analysis of Congress with emphasis on membership recruitments, internal organizations, committees, legislative oversight, and lobbying. 
Course Code: POLS403 
Title: The Presidency 
Description: The office of the President and its place in the political, constitutional, and administrative systems with emphasis on theories of the presidency. 
Course Code: POLS420 
Credits: 1|2|3 
Title: LSAT Preparation 
Description: A preparatory course designed to enhance student performance on the law school admission test through analysis of the LSAT sections, study of test-taking strategies, and practice of LSAT questions. 
Requisite #1 Type: Permission Required 
Requisite #1: PERM 
Course Code: POLS422 
Title: Legal Advocacy 
Description: Designed for who plan to attend law school or desire an overview of the legal advocacy in the American legal system. Course content may include mock trial and/or appellate advocacy exercises. 
Requisite #1 Type: Permission Required 
Requisite #1: PERM 
Course Code: POLS425 
Credits: 1|2|3 
Title: Legal Research Methods 
Description: An introduction to legal research methods including an exploration of the relationships between sources of law, an understanding of the mechanics of legal research, and familiarity with the FIRAC (Facts, issues, rule of law, analysis, conclusion) model of legal analysis. 
Course Code: POLS455 
Title: Research Methods in Political Science 
Description: This course introduces students to the scientific method as it relates to providing insight and answers to political questions. Students will learn the scientific method and research design, and they will apply those methods to politics, collect new and use existing data, and conduct statistical analyses to provide substantive answers to questions related to politics. 
Course Code: POLS457 
Title: Advanced Research Methods in Political Science 
Description: Introduces students to mainframe computing, regression analysis, and the use of the regression model in political science. Students will learn how to use statistical packages such as SPSSX and Micro-crunch. 
Course Code: POLS490 
Title: Senior Capstone 
Description: The senior capstone is a culminating experience required for all Political Science majors. Designed for senior students, emphasis is placed on integrating the student's educational experience and preparing the student for graduate school or the professions. Students will conduct an in-depth study of a topic of interest, produce a detailed research paper, and present the paper in an academic setting.